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What is CapitalPitch?

CapitalPitch acts as a lead investor, as well as a business coach, advisor, filter, due diligence expert and capital raising platform for startups at the Seed and Series A stage.

Startups: We work with you to get you investor ready. We lead your investment via our tax free fund and help you close your round with awesome follow-on Investors.

Investors: We act as the ultimate filter, showcasing only the very best investor ready businesses together with our due diligence in a transparent manner.

What do we do for your Startup that is so special?

We help your Start up in four main ways:

  • We get you, your team and your business ready for investment
  • We lead the investment in your business
  • As lead investor we showcase you to other investment partners and network.
  • We add talent and strategy via advisors and board members to help you scale to exit quicker

What are we looking for?

We look for seed and early series A startups that are looking to raise between AUD$500,000 and AUD$3 million.
Startups must be generating revenue, be innovative, scalable and solving a big problem through the use of technology. We don’t mind what sector your startup is in and we love passionate teams driven by outstanding founders.

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What do we do for our Investors that is so special?

We act as the ultimate filter, showcasing only the very best investor ready businesses together with our due diligence in a transparent manner. We act as the lead investor and give you a tax free managed investment solution and direct investment option. We also give you exclusive access to future investment rounds.

We believe the standard VC models with an 80% failure rate is unacceptable. We use engineering logic to create a platform that systemises the screening process to add real thoroughness and rigor to the investment process.

What are we looking for?

We help a broad range of investors who are like-minded and passionate about investing in and helping startups succeed. They include angel investors & groups, family offices, VCs and corporates. We don’t offer services to retail investors. We look for investors to add value beyond dollars to the startups on their growth journey.

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Active Startups

As profiled in

Business Insider, Startup Smart

There is an astronomical gap between what entrepreneurs think “Investor-Ready” means and what investors actually need to see. CapitalPitch bridges this gap by providing a transparent 6 Step Capital Raising System guiding businesses through becoming Investor-Ready and raising capital.

How can we help you?


We act as the lead (or co-lead) in every investment

Seed & Series A

We target investment rounds of $500,000 to $3m


We get you investor ready and help fast-track your business


Our platform is engineered to provide a transparent start to finish solution