Company Overview

"Raising capital doesn't have to be so hard"

We believe that Startup funding shouldn’t be so damn hard! It’s madness that 97.3% of Startups fail at fundraising. Founders shouldn’t have to feel confused and frustrated when they try to fundraise and investors shouldn’t have to waste time and money finding great Startups.

We believe every great startup, no matter their location or circumstances, should be able to fundraise. They need to accelerate (and massively scale) the solution to a big problem that could change the world. It’s time to disrupt a complex, opaque and dysfunctional finance sector that allows great Startups to struggle and fail.

Accelerate equity capital raising

Today, like many revolutions before us, we’re using technology and experts to create a movement to fast-track startup investing. We’re helping hundreds of startups accelerate their equity capital raising and thousands of investors find awesome Startup businesses.

Welcome to CapitalPitch,

the world’s first capital raising accelerator!

The Founding Team

Emlyn Scott
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

  • Global HQ, Sydney
  • Co-Founder & Director, OpenMarkets
  • Former CEO, National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX)

Jeremy Liddle
Co-Founder & Chief Entrepreneur Officer

  • Global HQ, Sydney
  • President, G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Australia
  • Network & Investment Expert, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)

Constantine Georgiou
Chief Coach & Culture

  • Global HQ, Sydney
  • Co-Founder & CEO, Velteo (Exit to BlueWolf)
  • Angel Investor & serial entrepreneur and with 20 year background in disruptive technology

Alan Beattie
Chief Funding Advisor

  • Global HQ, Sydney
  • Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC Latin America
  • Deputy CEO, HSBC Europe
  • Angel Investor & Advisor

Ryan McGarvey
Chief Technology Officer

  • NYC Office
  • Software Developer, Gust
  • Software Engineer, Kestrel Boeing Defense

Lucy Courtenay
Tribal Leader

  • Global HQ, Sydney
  • Head of HR, UK, Ireland and South Africa, Fox International Channels
  • Founder & Managing Director, RA HR Consulting

Pablo Bizzini
Growth & Data Guru

  • Global HQ, Sydney
  • Business Analyst and digital marketer
  • Business Intelligence Analyst, Smart Integration Australia Pty Ltd

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