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China, Malaysia and Growing the Startup Investment Ecosystem in Australia (Episode 2, Part 2)

By 18 January 2018 No Comments

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The Story

If you’re anything like us, you’re fascinated by the growth, size and speed at which the Chinese
economy is moving. In part two of my conversation with CapitalPitch’s very own Emlyn Scott, he
digs deep into his experience vault and talks about his time as the CEO of an exchange, raising
capital in Malaysia and the state of Chinese investment in Australia. Roles with the National
Stock Exchange of Australia and Open Market led Emlyn to wade deep into the waters of Asian
finance and investment. In addition to talking through some of these experiences, we touch on
mistakes made while capital raising as well as a few theories on how to grow the ecosystem for
early stage technology investment domestically.

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • The challenges posed in getting Asian companies to list on an Australian exchange
  • The importance of getting foreign investors to invest growth capital, not just acquire
  • How startups need more from an investor than just financial support
  • The difficulty in capital raising from risk averse sources
  • What kind of preparation needs to be done prior to pitching investors or actively looking
    for investment.
Items mentioned in today’s show:

  • Emlyn’s tenure as the first-time CEO of the National Stock Exchange of Australia (the
    2nd largest in the country)
  • Emlyn’s epiphany while visiting the Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Open Markets online brokerage, and Emlyn’s desire to found it borne of frustration.
  • The huge potential that exists to boost economic ecosystem of angel investment in
  • The success of educational and healthcare sectors of the Australian economy in terms
    of foreign investment