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Deepak Natarajan on the 13 year technology cycles of Silicon Valley (Episode 10, Part 1)

By 22 May 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Deepak Natarajan is a long term technology investor who has experienced first hand, the technology revolutions and financial cycles of the past 35 years.

With a career that expands from the USA to Asia, including Australia, Deepak has been described as an Investor, Advisor, Board Member, Startup Executive and Global Marketing and Business Development Executive.

Deepak joined Intel in 1982 and within two years time, Intel had made over $1 billion in revenue.  Prior to this time, Silicon Valley was known as a valley that produced chips. With the launch of the PC in 1981, it spawned the independent software industry and an innovation cycle, of whcih we are living through today.

The innovation that has come out of Silicon Valley can be tracked over 13 year cycles, starting with the commercialisation of the transistor in 1958. This led to the development of memory chips, microprocessors, software like Microsoft, technology like Atari, cellular phones, Dell, Macintosh, Yahoo, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook and the Apple IPhone.

With 2020 fast approaching we will see new technologies being added to the next 13 year cycle. AI, VR and apps will again change the way in which we interact and engaged with technology.

Where does Australia and New Zealand fit into this cycle? What do Entrepreneurs and investors need to do to increase the potential of venture capital as an asset class?

Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus things like:

  • What Silicon Valley was like during the 80’s and 90’s
  • The 13 Year Technology Cycle of Silicon Valley since the transistor in 1954.
  • 2020 on the horizon, what can we expect for technology?
  • What can we expect in Australia and New Zealand in 2020 and onwards
  • Venture Capital as an asset class.