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Deepak Natarajan – To be a Unicorn, you need to think globally (Episode 10, Part 2)

By 29 May 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Deepak Natarajan is a long term technology investor who has experienced, first hand the technology revolutions and financial cycles of the past 35 years.

With a career that expands from the USA to Asia, including Australia, Deepak has been described as a Investor, Advisor, Board Member, Startup Executive and Global Marketing and Business Development Executive.

In this episode of the Lead Investor we will hear Deepak Natarajan thoughts on, what a Startup needs to do, if they wish to become a unicorn. It is rare to find a company on the Silicon Valley Top 150, that has not raised capital. In the majority of cases, the Top 150 companies will have raised between $60 to $75 million in private capital before listing. The Top 150 companies also have global revenue streams and are not just focused on domestic markets where they were founded.

Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus things like:

  • Silicon Valley top 150 List publish every year
  • Things to consider, if you want to run a unicorn business
  • The importance of Venture Capital to startups, but also to global economies.