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Deepak Natarajan on Private versus Corporate Venture Capital (Episode 10, Part 3)

By 6 June 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Deepak Natarajan has a long technology investor history, having experienced, first hand the technology revolutions and financial cycles of the past 35 years.

With a career that expands from the USA to Asia, including Australia, Deepak has been described as a Investor, Advisor, Board Member, Startup Executive and Global Marketing and Business Development Executive.

In this episode of the Lead Investor we will hear Deepak Natarajan on how VC’s can add value to Startups or Portfolio companies in which they have invested. Startups and founders receive more benefits from VC’s than just the funds. VC’s are able to open doors, provide connections, networks, human resources, partnerships, customers and experience that the Startup may not be able to access on their own. With the right VC backing a Startup, they may have better chance of success, due to the resources and expertise a VC can provide.

Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus things like:

  • The difference between a Corporate VC and a Private VC.
  • The 3 key advantages a Startup will receive with VC backing
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