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Chris Sang on the benefits to a pivot (Episode 11, Part 4)

By 24 July 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Chris Sang is a Startup CEO, CTO, Advisory Board Member, Angel Investor and Angel Syndicate Lead. Chris began his career within IT and equities trading, working for major financial institution and insurance corporations here in Australia.

Since 2014, he has become a leading Angel investor in Australia and internationally. He has invested in over 70 Startups across B2C, B2B, AI, IOT, cryptocurrancy, esports and enterprise software.

He has the rare combination of technology development, product management, financial markets and startup investment across Australia and USA.

Lead Investor Podcast - E11P4 - Benefits to a pivot
  • Have you ever considered what might happen if you invest in a company and then the founders realise they need to pivot the business into something different? How would you handle that?
  • Even if there is a level of product-market fit, it is highly likely that within a portfolio of 10+ startup investments, at least a few of them will need to pivot or die.
  • Ultimately, to be a great startup investor, whether as an angel or a VC fund manager, it’s all about gaining access to the best founders and startups.