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Ricky Sutton on Oovvuu’s fight to restore traditional media (Episode 12, Part 2)

By 7 September 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Ricky Sutton is CEO of Oovvuu. He is a journalist turned video entrepreneur. He began his career as a reporter, working his way up through management ranks of national publications in the UK and Australia, such as The News of the World, News International Ltd, News Corp, Channel Nine and Fairfax.

Around four years ago he left fairfax to launch Oovvuu, a global solution used by 100 broadcasters and publishers worldwide. Oovvuu’s mission is to embed a contextually relevant video in every article in the world, using new technology and AI. The company is supported by Amazon and IBM Watson and private equity.

  • Traditional media is looking $20 billion to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google.
  • As media organisations struggle to maintain advertising revenues, news and editorial teams are shrinking and the quality of journalism is being challenged.
  • Video creation is soaring, with viewing at an all-time high.
  • Traditional media needs to create new revenue sources.
  • Oovvuu’s technology intends to put a contextually relevant video in every newspaper article around the world.