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Ricky Sutton on the accountability of social media (Episode 12, Part 3)

By 11 September 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Ricky Sutton is passionate about ensuring that large technology corporations like Facebook, Twitter and Google are held accountable for inappropriate media content being advertised on their sites.

Extremest content continues to appear on Facebook and Google. They have accepted funding from terrorist organisations for sophisticated marketing and advertising campaigns. Yet both organisations continue to hold their hands up in the air and claimed that they can not be held responsible or accountable.

Have you ever considered what a technology led future without a social conscious might look like? Should recruitment for terrorist organisations be part of our daily new feed? Is “fake” news the way of the future?

E12P3 Ricky Sutton Quote - The Lead Investor Podcast
  • Are technology giants responsible for their sites content?
  • Should Cambridge Analytica and data breaches be an everyday occurance?
  • Sophisticated advertising campaigns means that Google and Facebook are accepting funding from terrorist organisations from around the world.
  • Technology giants inability to monitor website content has huge social implications and creates more problems.