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Ricky Sutton on Artificial Intelligence (Episode 12, Part 4)

By 18 September 2018 No Comments

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The Story

The team at Oovvuu had no intention at their inception, of becoming a technology company and building artificial intelligence (AI). What they have built is a poster child for IBM as it is helping to teach IBM how to understand contextuality.

Oovvuu’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology is able to match video to published text on a contextual basis. They are training / teaching their AI to learn which videos match the content of hundreds of thousands of  articles published a day.

The Lead Investor Podcast - E12P4 - Ricky Sutton
  • How Oovvuu never set out to build artificial intelligence but how AI evolved.
  • Oovvuu selecting the right investors who understood their technology is critical to the investment theses.  
  • Other large companies can find it hard to take down the incumbents because they are too big and not agile enough, to out manoeuvre.
  • Australia is very well positioned to create new products that can acquire customers in emerging markets, where there is a blue ocean of opportunity