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Glenn Butcher – Overnight Startup success is never overnight! (Episode 13, Part 1)

By 16 October 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Today we are joined by Glenn Butcher who’s had an incredible career through the technology industry at companies such as Atlassian and Amazon, and now is actively investing in and advising some amazing technology startups

Glenn has been a Director of SaaS for Atlassian and was the 120 employee to join the team. He was the VP of Engineering at Brandscrean. He was a Senior Manager at Amazon and founded Amazon’s software engineering capabilities here in Sydney. He is also one of our investors and is a trusted advisor to our investment committee.

Glenn Butcher - The Lead Investor Podcast E13P1 - Quote
  • Right person, wrong circumstances – what’s the take away from this failure. Right Person, right circumstances, look at what they have learnt!
  • Atlassian in the early days and their development of into SaaS market.
  • There is a perception of overnight success in the startup word. This is never the case. Often startups have been around for many years before they reach the limelight.