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Glenn Butcher – The importance of product-market fit (Episode 13, Part 2)

By 23 October 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Today we continue our conversation with Glenn Butcher. We will be jumping back into our conversation about Atlassian and his experiences there. We discuss how to identify founders and startup investment opportunities and the concept of product-market fit.

The impact of companies like Atlassian on the startup and technology sector here in Australia can not be understated. They built a product that solved a range of problems experienced by their customers based all over the world. But they also had great product-market fit and in this episode we will explore this in more detail.

Glenn Butcher The Lead Investor Podcast Quote e13p2
  • What to look for when investing with Startups. Is it founders? Is it product market fit? Is it the right market timing?
  • The importance of Product-Market fit. If customers are chasing you, then you know that you have Product Market Fit.
  • The impact of a successful technology company from Australia on the Australian industry.
  • The importance of stock options and establishing a employee proposition within a company.