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Glenn Butcher on why company culture is key (Episode 13, Part 4)

By 7 November 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Glenn Butcher’s final episode covers off on a lot of interesting information. As investors and founders it is really hard to think strategically about who to achieve the vision of the company.

Company culture plays an important in any organisation. Founders need to ensure they are aligned on the vision of the company and have working strategies and tactics to get there. Data and technology will not replace the human element of an organisation, however technology will heavily influence a culture within an organisation.

  • How to think strategically about how to achieve the vision of the company
  • The barrier to entry terminology of moat
  • How does your company express its culture


Quotes from Glenn Butcher:

  • As an investor and advisor, I enjoy working with people that have a big vision
  • Culture is king