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Kevin O’Hara on Skateboarding, Calculating Risk and Taking the Entrepreneurial Plunge (Episode 5, Part 1)

By 31 January 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Meet Kevin O’Hara. Kevin is the CIO and technology investment portfolio manager with Tulla
Investment Group and an advisory board member of VBreathe. Kevin has 16 years experience
in the professional services and technology sectors, having built and exited firms in both
industries. He’s been on both sides of the equation as an investor and a founder – and garnered
quite a few impressive results.

Despite someone who’s experienced heady level of success in his career, Kevin is a very down
to earth guy. He was also a professional downhill skateboarder for nine years – and maintains
that ‘just another bloke’ vibe. Don’t be fooled though, Kevin has an extremely sharp business
mind and we were happy to have him on The Lead Investor Show. In our conversation, we
talked about extreme sports, risk-taking, philosophy, investing and all points in-between.

The Lead Investor Podcast E5P1 with Kevin O'Hara
Listen to the full episode and learn all this, plus….

  • Why tenacity and emotional stability are such important characteristics for a founder
  • How extreme sports helped shape Kevin’s personality
  • The fascinating parallels between extreme sports and entrepreneurship
  • How a family office works in a practical sense
  • Why commitment is perhaps the most important ingredient for a successful entrepreneur
Items mentioned in today’s show:

  • Harvard Business School
  • The Four-Hour Work Week