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Kevin O’Hara on Emotions, Anchoring a Venture Fund and Portfolio Management (Episode 5, Part 2)

By 12 February 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Kevin O’Hara is the CIO and technology investment portfolio manager at Tulla Investment
Group. He’s also the lead investor in CapitalPitch and has spent the best part of a decade
founding two successful Australian startups – both of which were acquired by Tulla/IHG. Kevin is an incredibly skilled investor.

In part two of our chat, we went into the weeds – discussing Kevin’s role in guiding Tulla’s tech
investment strategy and how he makes the tough decisions. We got into the specifics of how
emotion can compromise your thinking and tied up all the loose ends from part one. This
conversation could easily have lasted three hours and, as such, there’s quite a bit of condensed
wisdom, so be sure to listen carefully.

CapitalPitch Lead Investor Podcast quote E5P2 Kevin O'Hara
Listen to the full episode and learn all this, plus….

  • How an investor can become part of elite investment networks
  • Why family offices tend to club together in terms of deals
  • The relationship between CapitalPitch and Tulla
  • Why the best founders are extremely cautious about whose money they take
  • The pros, cons and reasoning behind direct investment vs. backing certain fund managers
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