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Alan Beattie on Latin American Adventures, Entrepreneurial Leadership and Assessing Teams (Episode 6, Part 1)

By 20 February 2018 No Comments

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The Story

We’ve been looking forward to having Alan Beattie on The Lead Investor Show for quite a while
now. Alan is the Chief Funding Officer at CapitalPitch and a close friend of ours. Being the head
of commercial banking with HSBC Latin America, deputy CEO of HSBC Europe and a
seasoned angel investor are all credits on Alan’s impressive resume.

Alan’s worked in almost all aspects of financial services: corporate banking, international trade,
fund management, insurance; he’s conducted mergers, acquisitions, divestments; and in 2014,
he worked on a successful ASX listing in Australia. There was a lot to talk about in this episode,
so much so that we broke it up into three parts. In part one, we heard war stories of Alan’s time
with HSBC corporate, talked about entrepreneurial leadership and how to assess a team.

CapitalPitch Lead Investor Podcast - E6P1 - Alan Beattie
Listen to the full episode and learn all this, plus….

  • Why getting thrown into the deep end can be a good thing
  • Lessons learned from commission-hungry brokers, and founders who won’t listen
  • The difference between corporate and entrepreneurial leadership
  • What makes a good team, and why they matter so much
  • How pivoting, tweaking and hiring outside consultants can sometimes be the death knell of a startup
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