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Alan Beattie on How to Develop a Startup Investment Assessment Framework (Episode 6, Part 3)

By 28 February 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Alan Beattie is the Chief Funding Officer at CapitalPitch, a seasoned angel investor and the
former head of commercial banking with HSBC Latin America. With all his professional
experience, plus a degree in Economics from the University of Edinburgh and a Heriot-Watt
University Master of Science degree in International Banking/finance, Alan has just about seen
and done it all.

In the final instalment of our conversation with Alan, we circled back to one of the most critical
issues facing an investor: How to develop a framework that professionally assesses a startup
for investment potential. Alan broke down some of the key principles he uses to guide him and
what areas to focus most on. This conversation led to a number of interesting tangents as well –
so be sure not to miss it.

Listen to the full episode and learn all this, plus….

  • Why venture capital should be about so much more than a good internal rate of return (IRR)
  • How to assess traction in a startup, and why it’s so incredibly important
  • How to assess leadership potential in a startup founder
  • How to think about product viability
  • The constantly shifting global market, areas that are being underserved and understanding a specific market
  • Future trends in human behaviour and accompanying technological advancement
  • Unique selling proposition & intellectual property
  • Bill Gross
  • SnapChat, Netscape, Google, Uber, Facebook