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Melissa Widner on the Lessons of Being an Angel and Getting More Women into Venture Capital (Episode 7, Part 1)

By 6 March 2018 No Comments

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The Story

For our first guest outside of the CapitalPitch family, we went big. Melissa Widner is someone with a rare investment pedigree – she’s an experienced VC with expertise ranging across industries, jurisdictions and markets, and she just happens to currently reside in Sydney. We were lucky enough to sit down with her for episode seven of The Lead Investor Show.

Melissa walked us through some of her early investments, business lessons and experiences working in Silicon Valley around the time of the dot-com boom. She shares her insights on the lack of women working in VC and what can be done to change this. Along the way, she also touched on her experiences as a partner with SeaPoint Ventures, Co-founder of the nonprofit Heads Over Heels and, most recently, as a general partner with NAB Ventures.

CapitalPitch Lead Investor Podcast - E7P1 - Melissa Widner
Listen to the full episode and learn all this, plus….

  • Why angel investing must be approached within a context of a broader investment
  • Why timing is the most important variable to successful early-stage investing
  • Melissa’s rise in the male-dominated world of VC
  • What can be done to get more women into leadership positions in VC
  • The unique challenges faced by female founders in the current startup ecosystem