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Melissa Widner on Being a Female Founder, Discrimination, and Comparing US and Australian Venture Markets (Episode 7, Part 2)

By 13 March 2018 No Comments

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The Story

In this episode of The Lead Investor Show, Melissa Widner is back to dig deeper into all things venture capital. Previously working as a partner at OneVentures Pty Ltd and as an associate partner at Seapoint Ventures, Melissa has an exceptionally strong background in founding and growing companies through her experiences in both Australia and Silicon Valley.

In part two of our conversation, we dug further into the issues surrounding women in the VC world. Namely, the discrimination that often occurs and how female founders tend to come up against more skepticism than their male counterparts. We also talked at length about the difference between VC in US and Australia in terms of history, mindset, track record and the role of government – all with a simple goal in mind, how to grow the Australian ecosystem.

CapitalPitch Lead Investor Podcast - E7P2 - Melissa Widner
Listen to the full episode and learn all this, plus….

  • The role of early successes in building a strong LP base
  • The importance of external funding in growing large-scale tech businesses
  • The parallel between mining and VC in terms of the mindset required
  • Why some LPs and superannuation funds invest in early-stage companies abroad but not in Australia
  • First-time fund managers versus experienced managers
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