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Melissa Widner on How to Engage with Large Corporate Banks and the Future of Tech in Australia (Episode 7, Part 3)

By 20 March 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Listen to this episode to learn more about the trends around Australian startups, and what the future holds from an investment point of view. Once again, we’re joined by Melissa Widner. Through Melissa’s diverse experience, she has developed a deep understanding of both the entrepreneur’s journey and the role of a VC. As a CEO and founder, Melissa led two different companies to successful exits and has extensive experience with the SeaPoint Ventures – a fund focused on mobile tech and SaaS. She’s someone uniquely qualified to comment on the state of ecosystems, trends in the VC world and talk about what the future might hold.

In part three of our conversation, we talked about how hard it can be for a startup to get into a big bank or corporation without the right channels in play. We looked at some more US and Australia comparisons, talked competitive advantage and mused about the future. This conversation easily could have lasted three hours, but we did our best to condense things – as such, listen carefully.

CapitalPitch Lead Investor Podcast - E7P2 - Melissa Widner
Other topics touched on

  • The per capita funding gap between the US and Australia
  • Melissa’s take on whether or not the funding capital market is saturated
  • Common scenarios where foreign investors come into Australia and deploy capital
  • The two questions NAB Ventures must answer before making an investment
  • The interconnected relationship between deal flow quality and available capital
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