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David Shein on Timing, Gut Feelings and the Critical Value of Leadership for Startups (Episode 8, Part 2)

By 4 April 2018 No Comments

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The Story

David Shein is a founding partner of Our Innovation Fund (OIF) and a seasoned angel investor. According to some, he is the best angel investor in Australia. David has played many roles in his career. He’s founded companies, been involved in exits, mentored, served as a consultant and invested in countless startups. His most notable success was with Com Tech Communications, which was acquired for over $1 billion.

In episode eight, part two of The Lead Investor show, we dug deeper into quite a few topics. We talked about timing, David’s reliance on what his gut tells him and why early-stage investing is so much about leadership.

Lead Investor Podcast David Shein Quote E8P2
Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus things like:

  • What leadership means for the future of Uber
  • Why a Microsoft co-founder needed to step aside to let the company continue to thrive
  • Why sports teams often respond after a coach or leader is let go
  • The imperatives of intuition and timing in angel investing
  • Why listening to your gut might be the most important thing you can do
Items mentioned in today’s show:

  • Jack Welch
  • Uber
  • Harvard University MBA