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Elaine Stead on the Parallels between a PhD and Entrepreneurship, and Commercialised Research in Australia (Episode 9, Part 2)

By 1 May 2018 No Comments

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The Story

Check out this episode to learn all about the burgeoning Australian venture capital scene from one of its most successful stars, Elaine Stead. While Elaine started out as a stem cell biologist, she’s spent most of her time ensconced in the innovation and investment world. She’s worked in strategic management & consulting capacities, and eventually worked her way into becoming the head of VC at Blue Sky.

In Episode nine, part two, of The Lead Investor show, we dug even deeper into the weeds and focused on two primary issues: Elaine’s PhD background in Biochemistry and how that has helped set her up to be a successful VC, and why Australia has struggled to fully capitalise on research/tech-based innovations.

Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus things like:

  • Exciting up and comers in Elaine’s portfolio
  • Why Blue Sky gravitates toward software, tech, food and service-based investments
  • Why paying for school might be the best investment a person can make
  • The background of Elaine’s PhD and how it proved invaluable in her life as a VC
  • Why Australia is failing to fully capitalise on its innovation inputs
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