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Knowing When to Quit and the Value You Can Take from Hard Lessons (Episode 2, Part 1)

By 13 December 2017 No Comments

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The Story

If you’re interested in learning the subtle skill of knowing when to quit and hearing firsthand how the school of hard knocks can guide you, then this episode of the Lead Investor Podcast is for you. In this instalment, Co-founder and CEO of CapitalPitch, Emlyn Scott, retraces his own journey, detailing his early career successes and how he ‘hit the wall’.

By the age of 24, Emlyn was senior interest rates trader, at one point personally responsible for trading 70% of the market, but he was also pushing hard too. After experiencing a bit of burnout, he went back to school, refocused and learned that he loved to build things. In this episode, he talks about angel investing from both an entrepreneur’s and investor’s perspective; and how the culture can be improved so there will be more capital available to seed businesses across Australia.

The Lead Investor Podcast E2P1 Quote Emlyn Scott
In today’s episode you will learn:

  • The danger (and benefit) of being young and able to push yourself to extremes
  • How for successful investors the ‘never give up’ attitude must be couched with the good sense to know when to let go of an idea or business
  • The trap of initial success, how beginners luck can lead to overconfidence or mislead conclusions
  • The benefits of investing in a private market or startup vs. a standard public market investment
  • The need for culture change at angel investment groups in Australia, founders need more respect and to be given the benefit of the doubt more often
Items mentioned in today’s show:

  • Emlyn’s meteoric rise as a trader early in his career on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • Emlyn’s return to school and eventual completion of an MBA at the University of Edinburgh
  • Warren Buffett, and the comparison of public vs. private market investment strategies
  • Emlyn’s time as CEO of the National Stock Exchange of Australia (the 2nd largest in the country)
  • The missing ingredients needed to boost the economic ecosystem of angel investment in Australia