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Building systems to support a scaling business

Most founders have never built a scale-up business. However, the best founders know that building a startup and a scale-up business is very different, and transitioning from one to the other is complex and fraught with expensive errors.

That’s why we’ve created a systemized workflow of to-do’s that helps you create a high growth scale-up business with all the investor communications and governance in a highly efficient manor so you can grow with the right foundation and still spend your valuable time building your business.

On-demand problem-solving

All businesses lack some essential skills, knowledge or encounter a problem or two. This is especially true for early stage businesses that have limited resources. We have a talent team within CapitalPitch who work with all our investee companies.

We are also fortunate to have an extensive network of serial entrepreneurs who have a lifetime of experience starting, building and selling their companies that want to help you. These people are available if you need it, whether it be a small bit of advice up to becoming formal advisors and board members.

2. Experts

Sourcing the right investors made easy

We know that one of the biggest issues for early stage businesses is sourcing and meeting incredible investors. So much time can be lost networking and trying to build trust with investors, which can distract founders from growing their business. The investors in our fund are keen to help you with your growth and follow-on investing needs. They can also help you with international expansion, and eventual sale or IPO plans.

Your own dedicated concierge service

There’s just so much to do running a startup. Even the smallest tasks can seem overwhelming when you have hundreds of them to do at the same time. We’re here to help wherever we can whether that be connections, outsourced development, the right professional suppliers and most importantly HR.

Hiring the right team is tough. Our network can help with this heavy load by making intros to great talent. We have in-house HR services that can help you with job descriptions, negotiations and closing on great talent.

Enjoy the power of the community

Building a business is stressful. The collective support and experience of fellow entrepreneurs can act as a fantastic source of support and knowledge. Round tables, lunches, dinners, workshops, featured speakers and forums are all ways we are working to get the power of the collective to support.

Real actionable information

Our exclusive Knowledge Base has tips, courses, plans, eBooks and much more all with the aim of creating stronger founders and better businesses. We want you to succeed and we want to provide you with all the information we can to help you get there. More actionable content and courses are being added all the time.

6. Content

What Comes First?