Founders Come First!

We show up every day to help you succeed. We are all serial founders with the scars of experience. We’ve built a platform, process and knowledge base that is designed to help every entrepreneur we meet, whether we eventually fund them or not. We’re focused on turning capital raising and growing a business into a science.

1. Pitch

Do it right, first time!

Don’t know where to start or the difference between a Pitch Deck and an Investor Presentation? We’ve been there. Getting this wrong can cost you dearly. Our templates have been downloaded thousands of times and are used all over the world. We then give you expert guidance to really get them perfect for your specific business. Finally, we bring it all together with professional pitch coaching to nail your pitch.

Numbers can be made beautiful!

Startup: “Our numbers are conservative”. Investor: “Typical hockey stick”. “unrealistic”. “Overvalued”. It’s exceptionally hard to build a set of financials that accurately reflect the potential of your business and displays it in a way that builds trust with investors.

We completely rebuild your financials, stress test all your assumption and produce a financial pack your accountant would drool over.

Showcasing your business, the way it should be!

Creating a data room is a painstaking exercise. A well-structured and comprehensive data room is essential in convincing investors you have proper governance and you’re an A grade operator. Knowing who is accessing your critical IP is also imperative. A bunch of PDFs in Dropbox is simply not good enough anymore.

We’ve built a complete data room solution that not only steps you through creating your data room, but structures and tracks your progress so nothing is missed. We’ve designed a double-checking system to alert you if anything is missing and if your documentation is acceptable to investors. Real time communication and tracking is easy via our on-platform chatting and notifications.

First money is always the hardest!

We know first-hand how hard it is to get your first money and in Australia its exceptionally difficult. Without your lead investor, your raise can become excruciatingly painful. A great lead conducts the heavy due diligence, helps set your valuation and deal terms, adds their brand, brings in their network of awesome investors and supports you after investing with connections, resources and follow-on capital. If only life were so simple!

CapitalPitch acts as your lead investor via our Ventures Fund.

The right investors can propel your growth.

Not all money is the same. Getting the right investors on your cap table can literally make the difference between success and failure of your business. An amazing group of investors can open the right doors for you, give you huge credibility, follow-on investment support and attract other great investors.

The CapitalPitch Ventures Fund is supported by some of Australia’s most impressive family offices and high net worth individuals (HNWIs). We’ve built an equity funding platform to showcase your raise and connect you with these investors to invest alongside us and provide post investment support to encourage interactivity.

Whats Next?