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Tony Surtees on Why Australian Investors are Set to Capitalise on Asian Growth (Episode 3, Part 2)

By 21 January 2018 No Comments

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The Story

In an increasingly connected, globalised and fast-changing world, the opportunity to invest and
grow businesses is almost unparalleled. Author, speaker, investor, marketer and serial
entrepreneur Tony Surtees sees the Asia Pacific region as an underutilised opportunity. In part
two of our chat with Tony, we dug into the specifics, addressing questions such as: What are
the biggest opportunities right now? How is Australia’s positioning in terms of entering Asian
markets? What can investors and founders be doing better? What are the pros and cons of
investing in a VC fund versus direct investment?

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In today’s episode you will learn:

  • Early stage tech hot spots, and why an increasing number of unicorns can be found in
  • The sectors in which Australia excels or is particularly well-known
  • How investors can approach Asian markets for the first time
  • Why five-year business planning is effectively obsolete at this point in time
  • How and why many startups are serving as an R&D division for larger businesses
Items mentioned in today’s show:

  • CapitalPitch’s unique structure
  • Boston, Silicon Valley, Austin